About My.OK.GOV

My.OK.GOV is a way state government connects to the citizens who can access, process, transact, and view the status of all services requests in one website. This is a digital service delivery. The public's digital expectations are growing at a rapid rate. We are answering how the public wants to interact with their government.

Making the most of Oklahoma's digital transformation.

My.OK.GOV's flexiblilty integrates with the systems agencies already use and could upgrade their current processes. The website will bridge the gap of a state agency to the citizen or business in a digital format. 

For more information on how to automate your agency's digital processes, reduce costs, and increase transparency reach out to the Digital Services team within OMES.

If you are a citizen and want a particular service added to our website. Please reach out to that related government agency to have them begin the transformation.